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Pasture Raised Eggs

Black Barn Farm Pasture Raised eggs currently available at the farm. Call 231.526.2486 for any questions. 

$5 a dozen

The packaging on eggs can be confusing. Often labeled as cage-free, organic, free range or pasture rasied, what kind of product are you actually getting? 


Our chickens are raised on our farm from day one. They live their first month indoors, being frequently handled. In fact, our youngest daughter used to read to them for hours after school. Once they are old enough they move outdoors into a winterized coop or in the summer months, to self built chicken tractors. These moveable coops allow the chickens to have space to run around and to forage for bugs, seeds and grass in a new section of pasture every day. Because the girls keep the pastures fertilized themselves, and regular rotation keeps the pastures healthy and covered in fresh grass, we never need to use any harmful pesticides or fertilizers. 

Due to their diet, a noticable difference of eggs from pasture raised hens is their vibrant orange yolks. They also have less cholesterol and saturated fat, double the amount of omega-3, and are higher in vitamin A & E. 

Courtesy Stand

Now Open! 

The fridge at the front of the barn is open 24/7.

Please put cash in the courtesy box inside the fridge door or pay via Venmo @blackbarnfarmcv

Chicken Tractors

Our chicken tractors are made from mostly  recycled wood. They keep the chickens protected from predators while allowing them to have fresh new pasture. We currently have three coops that we move by hand daily.  


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