Produce and Flowers


Although we are not certified, all our produce is farmed organically. Our plants are started from seed in early spring with the help of a self built hoophouse and greenhouse. We feed our soil with compost, manure from our pasture raised chickens, leaves and grass as well as locally sourced manure. Because the land is nourished with organic material, we are able to avoid using any harsh chemicals or fertilizers. With the added acreage of our new farm we are now able to properly rotate crops to support a long term healthy growing system.


With over 100 varieties of fruits and vegetables grown during the summer months you are sure to find some familiar favorites as well as something new and different. Along with produce we also grow a wide variety of annual and perennial flowers. Not only do the flowers add color and beauty to the farm but they also support local pollinators that are vital to the garden. The flowers are picked fresh and sold by the stem or in prearranged  bouquets sold at Farmers Markets and the Farm Store. You can also stop by the farm during store hours to pick your own bouquet to guarentee freshness and your favorite combination of colors.  


As a small family run farm we are commited to growing the highest quality products for our customers. Everything we sell we would proudly serve on our own table.